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Welcome To MJR Models & Hobbies the Home of Plastic Model Kits and much more


Covid 19 - CV19 - MJR Measures 12th April 2021.
PLEASE wear a Face Covering , Mask or Screen etc, 
to ensure maximum safety for ALL.

A REAL Bricks and Mortar SHOP you can visit when we're open,
The kettle is always on.. 
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You can reach us at the shop premises on 01942 386790 or on the  page,

where you can enquire about any of our products, their availability, or let us know what your needs and questions are.

We will be more than happy to help source products for you.

You may also contact us via social media on the MJR Facebook Page too, (give us a like?). We look forward to hearing from you! smiley

If you intend on visiting the shop in relation to specific items you have seen on the site? PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST - 

If you CAN NOT place an item in your online basket.. or ..the site says "Available Upon Request" it's a FACT that we DO NOT have Stock!

Irrespective of whether the site says 1,2,3 against the item! wink

However, we can look to order said item(s) for you..

Space is at a premium so please do call first, particularly Scalextric, as many track items are stored.

We can then ensure items are available to coincide with your visit..

We are pleased to be able to provide direct overseas shipping see below.. or click on Shipping Rates for the table.



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  • Takom 1/35 TAK02027 Chieftain Mk 5/ 5P
  • Takom 1/35 TAK02026 Chieftain Mk 11
  • Takom 1/35 TAK02040 Chieftain Mk 2
  • C4226 Knight Rider - KITT
  • MRP-431 IJNAF - N0 Propeller Color - 30ml
  • MRP-430 IJNAF M0/M1 Official Cockpit Color - Gray / Grey Green - 30ml
  • MRP-429 IJNAF J3 SP Olive Gray - Grey - Nakajima Version - 30ml
  • MRP-428 IJNAF J3 SP Olive Gray Grey - Mitsubishi Special Paint - 30ml
  • MRP-427 IJNAF J3 Hai Iro - Ash Gray / Grey - 30ml
  • MRP-426 IJNAF H2 Camouflage Brown - 30ml
  • MRP-425 IJNAF D2 Ryokukokushoku - Black Green - 30ml
  • MRP-424 IJNAF D1 Nohryokukokushoku - Deep Black Green - 30ml
  • MRP-423 IJAAF #31 Cha Kasshoku - Tea Color - 30ml
  • MRP-422 IJAAF #30 Karekusa Iro - Parched Grass - 30ml
  • MRP-421 IJAAF #27 Ao Midori Iro - Blue Green - Jungle Green - 30ml
  • MRP-420 IJAAF #21 Midori Iro - Camouflage Green - 30ml
  • MRP-419 IJAAF #14 Ki Iro - Marking Yellow - 30ml
  • MRP-418 IJAAF #7 Ohryoku Nana Go Shoku - Yellow Green #7 - 30ml
  • MRP-417 IJAAF #3 Hai Ran Shoku - Cockpit Blue-Grey - 30ml
  • MRP-416 IJAAF #1 Hairyokushoku - Bluish Gray / Grey Version - 30ml