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A warm welcome to the MJR Web Community Page. Here we hope to make our customer base aware of how we interact and help our local model making community.

MODEL KITS FOR LESS is the largest Professional SALES Group / Community on Social Media. Group Members upon joining benefit from discounted products NOT seen on the Website of Shop – The group “Sales Posts” include many current and future releases. The group is run on a ‘pre-order’ or ‘reserve’ basis, so as to keep overheads and costs to a minimum, as being a small Model Shop, we don’t carry a lot of stock. (I'd be bankrupt if I was let loose in a warehouse myself!!)

All low margin > to order > pay > ship on arrival style.

Members also benefit / have access to the MJR Supply Chain and benefit from fabulous 'Supplier Specials' (often 35/40% off!)

MODEL KITS FOR LESS GALLERY is the ‘sister’ group – however is not sales based but is a safe place for members to post any Work In Progress (WIP) post up any model related topics for discussion and or simply post model pictures and shared works (with the relevant approvals).

CORPORATE VIDEO: HERE : Feel free to follow MJR on YouTube too, with our own 'channel' HERE!

NAVIGATION: Here we are aiming to help customers navigate our site with the best results. Choose the PRODUCTS (above) then use the side bar CATEGORY menu to find your items or chose a category from the items that appear on the Products Page. Placing your mouse/cursor over the CATEGORY menus provided on the Products Page (i.e: Slot CarsPlastic KitsTrains & Scenery) will show the series of Sub Categories (i.e: Slot Cars will show ScalextricNinco, etc.), then simply move your mouse / cursor onto the sub-category of your choice and press Enter. It is that easy! Once in the category of your choice you can browse individual products at your leisure.

SEARCH TIPS: When using our SEARCH facility, please be as specifc in your search as possible. For the best results please use the manufacturers product code, so, for instance for Scalextric, use the 'C' prefix code (i.e: C1234, C1250, C3316 etc). If you simply put in Scalextric, Tamiya, or similar, you will end up with every product with that name, title, or even partial string of characters included in their description or title. We hope that helps you in your browsing experience of the website. Any problems, please call us at the shop or ask using our Contact Us page! :O)

MODELS FOR HEROES We are proud to support this brilliant veterans Charity. MJR – in the Model Kits For Less community – has for a number of years now held the 12 Days of Christmas charity Auctions – in the sales group – with the Winning Bid securing a Model Related Bundle and / or Priceless Christmas Gift too! 50% of the proceeds go directly the MFH. Visit MFH home page for more information on how they support our veterans.

IPMS: The International Plastic Modellers Society (UK). A friendly society for scale modellers of every age and ability. I am a member of the Bolton Branch IMPS, but there is a network, which can be found on the main IPMS Branches page.

The Bolton IPMS has its ANNUAL MODEL SHOW in mid to late January each year. So, always make sure you find out the Show Date(s) many of which are posted up on the main IPMS website too.

Bolton also has a club Community Group too. Entitled BOLTON IPMS funnily enough!

SAVINGS & POCKET MONEY CLUB: our aim is to encourage and promote all aspects of model making. The purpose of the “Savings and Pocket Money Club” is to assist our customers with their purchase of goods from our Facebook Group and or Shop by providing the opportunity to put money aside on an occasional basis (weekly or otherwise) or by spreading the cost of an item(s) over a period of two or three consecutive monthly payments (one the final payment is made the customer can either collect their order or we post out to them).

A receipt of deposit is given for all monies tendered over the counter. Savers may off-set the cost of goods purchased from MJR using the monies already tendered / saved, whether this be in full, or part, payment. The club is Not For Profit and NO interest is given or earned or payable on any Savings Accounts. If you wish further details, please use our Contact Us page!

Note – All customer details are protected under Data Protection Laws.