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Model Craft 15 Piece Modelling Tool Kit

Model Craft 15 Piece Plastic Modelling Tool Kit
Product Code: PTK1015
Manufacturer: Model Craft
This 15 piece kit contains: 
Side Cutter (for cutting and snipping sprues and parts on plastic kits, eg: planes, cars, boats, military models and figures.)
Snipe Nose Pliers
Mini Flat File: (for filing and smoothing off burrs or excess material)
Craft Knife (for cutting out shapes, decals and general hobby /craft tasks etc) with #11 Blades
Self Healing Cutting Mat (to protect work surface(s) and to extend blade life etc)
flat End Tweezers.
Bent Nose Tweezers
3 Grip Clamps (2 x 2"/50mm & 1 x 3"/75mm)
5 Spare Blades included
Approx Weight: 0.398Kg Wrapped
Weight: 0.375Kg
In Stock: 2