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Ogres £ 20.70

MPN 99120213011   RRP: £20.00

An Ogre? Huge beasts which are brutish and terribly violent. An Ogre is over ten feet in height alone and is half as wide too! The Ogre has a large head with a wide neck and has very powerful arms capable of knocking over walls and obstacles. A typical weapon for the Ogre is the club! An alternative is the spiked gauntlet whicjh deals massive wounds to any foe! 

This multi-part plastic set contains 131 components with which to build six Ogres. The set comes with plenty of optional extras, including ironfists, extra close combat weapons and upgrades that allow you to build a Unit Champion (a Crusher), a Standard Bearer and a Musician (usually known as a Bellower). These models are supplied with six 40mm square bases and they are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Approx Weight: 0.298Kg/ 0.375g Wrapped


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