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BWBBL: Bargain Balsa Wood Bundle £ 1.99

Bargain Balsa Wood Bundle: Product Code: BWBBL

This bargain bundle of Balsa wood is ideal for model terrain making and other small projects. It's well worth having one of these in your spares box it's such a useful product!  Balsa is very soft and easy to cut, carve and scribe. It is great for making doors, fences, barricades, wheels, siege towers, house, hovels and many other items - the list could be endless!

The bundle contains a variety of balsa sheets and blocks and the contents will vary. However, as a guide a typical pack will contain:

7 sheets of 3inch wide balsa in varying thicknesses from 1/16th to 1/4 inch.  4 blocks each 1/2 inch square   2 sheets 4 inches wide, 1/16th thick  All of the item are 9 inches long. Please note that these are approximate measurements and the contents may vary from pack to pack. If you are buying this pack for a particular size, please email me first to check that it is available. 

You can glue balsa with PVA, superglue and of course balsa cement too..! :o)

Approx Weight: 0.345kg Wrapped

0.345 Kg

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