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Codex: Necrons £ 22.99

RRP: £30.00
Within this 120-page hardback Codex you will find the ancient history of the Necrons, including:
The Necron Legions – detailing the background, key battles, colour schemes, iconography and the notable dynasties of the Necrons
The Immortal Armies – a showcase of beautifully painted Necron miniatures
Forces of the Necrons – rules for fielding your collection of Necrons on the tabletop including: brand new Necron Decurion Detachment rules, datasheets for every character and unit in the Codex, 8 formations for fielding specific combinations of miniatures
Also included are new warlord traits, Necron wargear, 6 Powers of the C’tan psychic powers, and 6 Tactical Objectives specifically for the Necrons

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