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UMP029 120ml Primer White £ 9.15

Ultimate Primer is a water based acrylic polyurethane self levelling surface primer.  Offering a simple and easy application with excellent adhesion and durability, it dries to a hard flat finish and is simple and easy to clean up.
Ultimate Primer can be applied with a brush, airbrush and sponge for use on styrene, plastics, resin, metals, woods and various other substrates.  There are three base colours to choose from: Grey, black and white.
Instructions for use...
Shake well before using
No thinning needed
Best applied with a 0.4 or larger needle
Spray at 20psi - 30psi
Spray light layers
Allow to dry 10 minutes between coats
Model is ready for paint after 30 minutes.
Allow 24 hours to fully cure
Always remember to close cap properly
Clean your airbrush immediately after use with Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner
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