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Mr Hobby T113 Mr Tool Cleaner 250ml £ 6.60

Mr Hobby T113 Mr. Tool Cleaner 250ml -

A cleaning solution especially for cleaning and removing grime from air brushes, paint brushes, and modeling tools.

Mr.Tool Cleaner quickly dissolves paint stains on Airbrushes, brushes, paint trays, spare bottles, etc.

Keeping your tools clean is the best way to become a better modeler.

When using Mr. Tool Cleaner R, always observe the following:
Never mix with paint because doing so will ruin the paint.
Do not soak plastic model kits in Mr. Tool Cleaner R
And do not use it to clean up painting mistakes. Doing so can dissolve plastic and other model materials
Mr. Tool Cleaner R reacts on synthetic fiber, plastic, and rubber.
Do not spill it on clothing, tables, and painted materials
Mr. Tool Cleaner R is a volatile substance. Do not leave the container open for long periods.

Do not mix Mr. Tool Cleaner R with other thinners.


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