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BA1100 Air Compressor £ 135.00

BADGER Airbrushes Air Compressor With Air Tank For Badger Air Brush BA1100
SKU - BA1100

The unit features a high output, low noise compressor coupled with a air delivery of around 22 litres per minute - meaning it is suitable for all medium duty modelling requirements (i.e. suitable for everything except continuous professional use).

This unit is designed to work with Badger airbrushes but can in fact be used with any brand of brush which uses standard modern fittings.

- 3 Litre Air Tank provides a reservoir of air to draw from, meaning the compressor pressurises the tank and the tank provides air to the brush - meaning no start / stop of pressure and a much more even spray job being possible as a result.
- The compressor motor lasts longer as it only cuts in to pressurise the tank rather than running continuously.

Self-levelling thinner is often required to use with this Airbrush Paints 
6.5 Kg

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