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87184 Masking Tape For Curves - 12mm £ 8.25

Tamiya 87184 Masking Tape For Curves - 12 mm 

Great for use with masking any models before painting.

It really is a top quality product and comes highly recommended for all model making applications of all kinds and every scale.. This masking tape helps in the process, allowing smooth and secure masking-off of curved lines where standard masking tape would sustain creases and possibly let paint seep underneath. This tape is available in 3 separate widths to meet a variety of needs such as 2mm, 3mm and 5mm respectively.

Length of roll: 20m
A soft resin material is used, allowing the tape to adhere in a curved line while preventing paint from seeping into masked off areas.


Use of narrower tape is recommended for sharper curves


0.115 Kg

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