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Welcome To MJR Models & Hobbies the Home of Plastic Model Kits and much more

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Thank you for visiting our on line shop, our home for Plastic Model Kits, Figures, Slot Cars and much more. We are now growing our presence in Eduard, Tamiya, Airfix and other plastic model kits and figures, also securing our place in the Slot Car market. We have included some features that we hope will make visiting the site a quicker, easier and a more interactive experience to ensure that you, our valued customer, continue to receive the best possible service from MJR Models & Hobbies. Thank you..

As an up-to-date business, growing business, we now have established markets in RC Cars, (HPI Racing), Slot Cars (Scalextric, Ninco, NSR, etc) and we endeavour to bring you great products at the very best prices on our pages and our latest offers  section too.  You can reach us at the shop premises on 01942 386790 or on the Contact Us page, where you can enquire about any of our products, their availability, or let us know what your needs and questions are. We will be more than happy to help source products for you. You may also contact us via social media on the MJR Facebook Page too,(give us a like?). We look forward to hearing from you! smiley
If you intend on visiting the 
 in relation to specific items you have seen on the site. Space is at a premium so please do call first, particularly Scalextric, as many track items are stored, and are not at the shop premises. We can then ensure items are available to coincide with your visit..

In brief: The MJR Company was established in February 2012 mainly as an internet based slot car seller however this proved rather successful, and so premises were sought to expand a quickly growing business into plastic model kits, figures, model rail/railways, RC Cars etc. Whilst still in our infancy our aim is to provide a quality service to our ever increasing customer base whether it be internet or face to face.

We are pleased to be able to provide direct overseas shipping see below.. or click on Shipping Rates for the table.

  • 8003 Stainless Steel Paints Mixers
  • 7410 U.S. Modern Vehicles Enamels and pigments Set
  • 7409 Humidity and Wet Effects Enamels Weathering Set
  • 7408 Europe Earth Enamel and Pigment Set
  • 7406 D.A.K. Vehicles Enamel Weathering Set
  • 7404 Fighting Compartment Enamel&Pigment Set
  • 7402 Engines Oil and Fuel Enamel Weathering Set
  • 7401 Summer Dust Set
  • C3591A Classic Collection Peugot T16 E2 Limited Edition
  • C3590A Classic Collection Peugot T16 E2 + MG Metro 6R4
  • 7143 Russian Greens 1956 to Present Smart Set
  • 7141 1944-1945 German Standard Colours Smart Set
  • 7140 British 1939-1945 ETO Colours Smart Set
  • 7115 IDF Colours Smart Set
  • 7114 NATO Colours Smart Set
  • 7413 US Green Tanks Starter Set
  • 7412 German Tanks Starter Set
  • 7411 Winter Camo Starter Set
  • 7407 Panzer Grey Starter Set
  • 7436 US Modern Cockpits
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